TPI High Garage

TPI High Garage

Tokyo Powder Industries

  • $10.00

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, many gyms across the world resorted to enforcing liquid chalk only policy to ensure better hygiene and better air quality. TPI stepped up their game and formulated two blend of liquid chalk.


By blending their proprietary super fine and super dry chalk powder with secret solvent, the team has outdone themselves yet again. Enter the Garage. Named after the early days of TPI, when they blended and produced the now famous Pure and family in an empty garage, this blend of liquid chalk will help you send your projects and keep your hands just as dry as the powder would. The High Garage has drier blend of chalk for the extra-sweaty amongst us!


One bottle contains 50ml of liquid chalk. Buy and use as you need to avoid excesssive solvent evaporation!

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