Tenaya Tarifa


  • $209.00

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The Tarifa will amaze you! Never before has a rock shoe offered such versatile performance in extreme situations. Its ability

to stick on ‘impossible’ holds borders on the supernatural.

Utilizing the RB Range X system, a technology developed by Tenaya to make climbing feel both easier and more intuitive,

the Tarifa offers superlative responsiveness in all kinds of demanding situations.

Not too rigid, not too soft, the Tarifa has been designed to provide optimal performance across a wide range of extreme

climbing situations: from one-move boulder problems to long, sustained stamina-fests: from the steepest, most powerful

overhangs to the thinnest of face climbs: from the tiniest edge to the vaguest smear.

You’ll be amazed how such a radically down-curved shoe can feel so comfortable, more so than many conventionally shaped

rock shoes. The answer lies in how the Tarifa works in perfect harmony with the natural biomechanics of your feet, meaning

the only thing you have to think about is the next move.

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