Tenaya Mastia

Tenaya Mastia


  • $239.00

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The long awaited, exciting new model from Tenaya is finally here.


The Mastia features the newest technology from Tenaya yet, building upon the years of experience crafting crowd favourite models like the Oasi.


Tenaya's stiffest shoes yet, the toebox on the Mastia gives superb edging support on tiny footholds while it's flexible midsole means your smearing ability is not compromised. The only model with thermally moulded heelcups, the Mastia improves on the other models for heel hook intensive climbs.  


SIngle velcro closure, RB rangeX system to improve the range of response of the shoes, allowing you to have high sensitivity over the surfaces you are climbing on, and the SXR dynamics to improve adaptability of the shoes, distributing weight and pressure well inside the shoes. The velcro closure is also adjustable to shift the pressure from the heels to the toeboxes.




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