New Beginnings

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12th of November 2016, the last official training teamNUS Climbing (Women) had
together before we broke for our final exams of the semester. When news of a possible
sponsorship was shared, we were both excited and uncertain. Regardless of it all, we worked hard to come up with a proposal benefitting both parties. Now, with the sponsorship realised, we are beyond eager to share this experience with you.

Last training for AY2016/17 Semester 1 before we took a break for Finals


TeamNUS Climbing (Women) is comprised of 20 aspiring athletes. Despite our varying
levels of experience, we share a common passion and zeal for not only for climbing, but for developing talent as well. TeamNUS Climbing (Women) hopes that our zeal will overflow into our partnership, taking on projects that can help both our team and Onsight Climbing Gym to grow. Hence, in the coming months, articles surrounding these themes will be featured on blog, so keep an eye out for those!

We recently kicked off our collaboration with Onsight Climbing Gym by organising a Tokyo Powder Industries chalk giveaway, and the coming months will also see interesting videos being posted on the team’s (follow us: @teamnusclimbingirls) as well as our athletes’ personal Instagram accounts. Some of the content you can hope to see include videos of different climbing betas of Onsight Climbing Gym’s routes, injury recovery advice, improvement videos, as well as product reviews. It will also give a fresh, interesting perspective on climbing as a team. Moreover, as TeamNUS Climbing and Onsight Climbing Gym believe that climbing is a sport that welcomes all, plans of organising climbing events at Onsight Climbing Gym to help out worthy causes as part of our Community Involvement Project (CIP) are underway. Together, we are excited to see how far we can push this partnership beyond climbing, industry and business; and into community and female empowerment.

In our old smelly gym in NUS which is now torn down for renovations


Training externally for over a year hasn’t been easy, but it certainly helps to have Onsight Climbing Gym as our new training ground. The large boulder space helps in keeping the waiting time to a minimum, both for the team and for the public. From lead walls to hangboards, everything you may need for training is available too. One of the greatest plus points has got to be the sense of familiarity and comfort. Fellow climbers are always friendly and willing to help, be it with beta or spotting. This creates an environment that is cozy yet filled with psyche with everyone excited to send. With its spirited yet community-friendly environment, it won’t take you long before Onsight Climbing Gym begins to feel like home.

We feel extremely privileged to be granted with this opportunity, and hope to extend this to the rest of the climbing community. As each aspect of this collaboration unfolds, we hope you will be as excited as we are for what lies ahead. What we have mentioned in this post is just a glimpse of what we have planned, so join in, get involved, and grow together with us! #teamNUSxOnsight


Back to training after our Finals in our new training ground – Onsight!


Article by: Chin Yuin Yih, Chua Sheu Wen Janice, Dana Ooi Shu Min, Dayna Hui Su-En, Ellora Chua Hui Zhen, Verosil Patrice Claire Bayo

13 December 2016

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